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Smooth XS

  • Collision of Colors at Your Choice.
  • Elegant Design: Comfortable in Hand.
  • Easy Slide, Easy Pack.
  • Get control of your gimbal whether in hands or not. Now taking a photo or recording a video is as easy as showing a V gesture.
  • Simplicity is king. SMOOTH-XS allows you to get ready for shooting within seconds. A single click to Portrait Mode to start live streaming anytime anywhere.
  • Always at the Center of Attention.
  • Unlock SMART Filmmaking.
  • Track Your Face, Track Your Moment.
  • Pair your videos with exciting tunes, add diverse effects, and transitions for more dynamic videos.
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  • We created a new way of Livestream here. Just by allowing ZY Cami to run in the background, you can make it a plug-in that enables cross-platform interaction, unlocking face tracking on a native system camera, beauty camera, social media, and Live apps.


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